tuatha_faery (tuatha_faery) wrote in projectbliss,

On Love

"When I talk about letting love lead, I'm referring to a veryprofound inner movement that comes from the depth of ourbeing. Putting love in charge is not how we normally live;

usually, we let our reactions and ego lead us. Though loveis all around us, we seldom give it our full attention;there are so many other places where we focus our energy. It's amazing how easy it is to give up our loving nature.
We're conditioned to deriving our worth from outsideourselves - from what other people think of us, from what weachieve materially, from what we look like. "I don't reallyknow who I am," we may say to ourselves, "but if these
people love me, I must be okay." That's another example of living life from the outside in.It's an empty promise, because if, in the next moment,people stop loving you, or don't look at you the way you
want them to, you will no longer feel okay. When otherswithdraw their love, you find yourself withdrawing, too, andcontracting. Contraction is a kind of pulling back -physically, emotionally, or mentally - that closes us down
to life. The objective of letting love lead is to move you to a stateof expansion, of opening to life and fully embracing it." - John-Roger with Paul Kaye
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