tuatha_faery (tuatha_faery) wrote in projectbliss,



Know that what needs to be done will be done. Know that even in
sorrow there is goodness.

Know that there is more, much more, than your mind can ever explain,
and it is beautiful beyond all telling. Know that there is a purpose
behind every glimmer of desire.

Know that there is a solid and navigable connection to the reality
of whatever you may imagine. Know that what you seek with sincerity
and passion, you will reach.

Know that what you give expands with the giving, and comes back to
you stronger than ever. Know that all is as it is meant to be, and
the possibilities continue to expand and evolve.

Know that every energy is focused on this now moment. And know that
abundance has no beginning or end.

Know that the miracle is not something outside of you. The miracle
is that you know.

-- Ralph Marston
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